Thursday, December 27, 2012

Test Fitting and More Slots

I test fit the slots in my 3/4 rings/bases with the 1/2 pieces of the frame and the loose ones are few and far between. I still need to test fit the 1/2 on 1/2 pieces which I will do tomorrow. I have all the pieces cut out and will be doing a double check test fit later next week while I'm still on break.

Pics of my cut out frame and Moncal skirt!!!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Winter Break: Busy busy busy (frame frame frame!)

I've been away for a while and am finally getting back to R2 work. There were around 3 shooting threats (copy cats of Sandy Hook, REALLY PEOPLE? THIS IS DISGUSTING AND SAD!) at my school, an elementary school near us, and one at a middle school near us. They were all empty and (the world didn't end) nothing happened so all good!

some updates from the past week or so..... 
-My skirt from Moncal arrived!!!
-I cut + test fit some more frame pieces and test fit the skirt, everything fits so far.
-My frame will be modified (not have all the pieces cut out) for times sake and things seem to be moving along quickly so I might be able to do the whole thing!
- sent out a check for my single layer uncut styrene dome yesterday after life got in the way and made me wait =...(

-Some of my slots are a bit big on the frame but I can fix it so we're all good.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

LEGS DONE, Frame is coming along

So I cut out all the pieces ( finished hollowing out the center layers ) of my Franco style wooden legs and have yet to glue them since I need to sand them. I'll be cutting them more when I work out all the wiring. I cut out the base layers of the frame and some of the slots. I test-fit the slots by taking a 1/2 piece of scrap wood and sliding it in since the pieces of the frame that you slide in are 1/2 thick. I have maybe 10-18 more slots depending on how many small frame pieces I have time for. I made 2-3 of the slots a bit big so I'll have to be careful next time and maybe use filler or extra glue on those.
Tip for newbies with a jig saw: Always triple check the slot size with the slot pieces, you want to cut the slots a bit smaller and then make them bigger if you need to. 
A bit Small=snug :)
Too Big = Loose and pieces falls out of place :(

Also learned how to straighten a slightly bent jig saw blade. Place the blade on a table on the side that's bent so that when you kneel down and look at it level with the table top you can see under the blade. Next take a hammer and tap the middle or bent area of the blade until it straightens out. The area on mine was the middle so it took a few minutes of light tapping with the hammer. It's faster than running around looking for that exact size ( came with the saw and was not labeled). If its really badly bent you obviously need a new one. I've already broken two blades.

19 more frame pieces to go. Shouldn't take long and I should be able to test fit soon.....

Saturday, December 8, 2012


Finished drawing the rest of the Senna frame pieces onto my wood.
Cutting the wood for them soon.
I have finished cutting the legs and will start on the frame ASAP. Funny story my uncle popped up out of NOWHERE and came in to visit, so I had to stop working.


So now I send the payment when I have a chance (cheese filled bread sticks with dipping sauce ) and start on my dome!!!!!!!

A big thanks to all 4 people who PM or emailed me this link. I saw it and literally had 2 pm's and an email 5 minutes later .

Friday, November 23, 2012

More leg and frame work

Cut out and fixed and straightened out legs and frame pieces.
It's getting kind of old....:(
I'll be skinning them with styrene and painting that.

I've been at this for 4 days.
A spider crawled onto my wood. It was an ugly one....interesting how you can actually slice with a jig saw.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Starting Wood Legs and Frame!!

SO after days and weeks of being busy I finally started on my wooden legs, Not exactly like Victor's tutorial but close. Worked on it for about 4 hrs and got the ankles done, except for the tape-ease cylinders, and the center parts of the legs and center ankle. I still need to cut them open so when the legs are glued together there is space for wires to run through the legs to the feet motors.

Also cut out all the Senna frame paper pieces.

Pros- got what I did done, cutting the remaining layers should go smoothly:)
It wasn't as hard as I thought :):):)
I had fun, power tools are fun :p

NOTE: this is my third time using a jig saw in my life. I'm new at this...
Cons- I ding a few places, splintered a few places because the blade of the jig saw was the wrong kind ( too course) :(
The legs are not exactly identical:( but the difference is hardly noticeable :)
The clamps dug into my wood :(, but then I used a wood block so it wasn't a disaster :)

Today I learned...
-You can use a fine blade to route wood :), but it must be done carefully, like scraping almost. Can't really find the right words for it.
-Your back WILL HURT after doing this for 4 hrs  :(
- clamps and heavy objects are your friend :)
-Jig saws are trickier than you think. I cut 16 circles with one once, didn't think it would be much different...I was wrong :(

Conclusion- A good day!! I even got to draw some wood frame pieces onto the wood!

pics below......

Sunday, October 14, 2012

It Begins? Finally getting somewhere :)$(KGrHqR,!pQE7Bcvh,WSBO4DCiyRF!~~60_35.JPG

So I met with my senior project adviser and went over a few things. We went mostly for my parents benefit, they have never met Victor. Luckily he passed the test. He was kind enough to give me some of his rejected resin parts ( ones that didn't come out right from the resin molds) and let me borrow his wood leg template. He also gave me some spare lights he didn't need.


not my pics, from online because  my computer won't save the ones I took :(


Saturday, September 29, 2012

R2LA sept 29 2012!!!! MY FIRST!!!!!

WOW! What to say first..... Before I photo spam the hell out of this post I'll say a few word. Amazing people, a lot of things learned, got a lot of advice, saw a lot of awesome builds, and a had crap-load...yes a crap-load of fun! I spent a lot of time looking at other people's builds, asking questions, staring at droid AKA geeking out, and talking. I had a head cold and was just coming off it so talking was kind of hard during the morning when allergies usually act up ( why??!! ). I brought my light saber and after checking ( staring at it across the room to make sure it was fine for several minutes...ok more than that) on it went off the look at droids and props. I finally pulled myself away from the wondrous moving things....droids to stop my stomach from sending me angry messages of "feed me. you can look at droids later!". So onto the picture spam........( i don't know why blogger won't let me organize photos in a logical way so enjoy or endure the crazy arrangement )
Also my shoulder buttons arrived and I got a restraining bolt from someone who didn't want it I guess. Very nice of his, especially since it was free. Nothings free anymore but I guess this club doesn't think like that :) 
A blow up and r/c R2 toy, kids loved it

Senna and his Wall-E

Update of my light saber! It's spray painted and ready
Wall-E and a new friend 
Comm 8 frame ( not idea which version )
Ed's droid (think that his name) AMAZING FEATURES
a chicken making a appearance on.....chicken cam...?
Senna's "Course of the Force" droid
Another droid :)
Wall-E's cockroach friend

more droids in line to show off
Droid head...sorry...Dome is the official term
McMaster and his Wall-E

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Preview to R2LA ,my Light Saber, and more parts

>R2LA is happening in 2 days, expect a photo spam when I get around to posting
>My light saber has been bisk fired in the Kiln and since glaze firing takes longer my ceramics teacher is going to spray paint it. If I don't like it or want real glaze in the light saber he can fire it again and the paint will burn away.
> check was recieved for shoulder buttons by Marks47, should be here soon
> I'm coming off a head cold ( hello cold and allergy season! It's not so nice to see you )
> I may be coming into possession of a Radar Eye soon
> got permission to start senior project early.

Now....picture spam!!!!!!!

The light saber was too tall, originally, to fit onto the Kiln ( 17 inches ) so I made it in two parts. To save time and energy and use less material and stress less I got it back down to 9 inches or so. The dark pics ( to the left) are not fired and newly sculpted ( as of the day it was done 1-2 weeks ago ). Long one is the base and the short one goes on top. To the right are the two fired pieces. Since firing them takes a while ( a long time for the glaze fire ), to make them presentable for now, my ceramics teacher is going to epoxy them together and spray paint them. If I don't like the color or want real glaze after R2LA he will fire them again and the paint will burn off. One problem is they don't have silver glaze or grey so I might have to use a light Matt Blue or one layer or Black Gloss. The bottom half holds the piece of paper I used as reference (to the right ). The one next to that is the top piece.             

                     Here is the reference pic I used (ignore the dude holding the glow stick, dunno who he is :-P )

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


So I received the center vents ( broken, then fixed ) from Askernas. All I need to do is send him the money if he would respond to the email. Or I'll give him a ten $ bill at R2LA. Also cast the first half/ bottom half of my ceramic light saber!


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Blueprints arrive!!!!

Short update: blueprints to full scale arrived from Oscar ( R4K5 guy ) for the center ankle. legs, and frame. Now I just wait for school to start and discuss if I can use the schools wood and/or tools to make these parts. I also need to alter my schedule to fit ceramics so I can make my light saber and possibly R2, for reference and because I want to :). Might have to start swim late because my ankle is acting up :( . Now I'm going to let them sit on my desk and feel like an important person like in those kids shows where the paper or map or whatever is comparable to gold.


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Lights! for under $2

 So I was walking around Walgreen's thinking about my build and waiting for a prescription when I walked past the back-to-school section. There they had mini light bulb flashlights that were in 3 colors; red, white, and blue. They were only $1.29 each ans I thought "I have my lights!" ( for the HP, and PSI's that is ). I tested them out and they are very bright.

White- HP
Red and blue- PSI

Unfortunately they don't flash or alternate but they will be easy to mount and leave on. Just lift the dome before hand and click them on.


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Starting a side project

While I'm waiting and saving for more parts and info on R2, I have a side project I will start in September when school starts. I've always wanted my own light saber so I decided I'll make one in ceramics. I had to drop the class a year ago second semester and want to finish the course, maybe get bumped up to Advanced Ceramics once I learn how to use the wheel. ( my teacher seems to think that I could go to advanced ceramics but since I don't know the wheel that would be impractical ). So I'm using a light saber I got from Disneyland for $14 as a mold/cast/something to shape it around.(the green one is again not my own, mine is Anakins, this is Luke's ROTJ ). Added one of those tubes they use for mini M&M's ( the short thin thing on top of the larger light saber toy, sorry about the lighting) and wrapped it all in masking tape so when I use this toy one again there isn't ceramic dust or glaze on it. Now I just wait. I don't think this project should take longer than 3 weeks because this year will be very light academically because I'll be college searching and visiting, working on R2 ( aka my senior project ), doing swim team, doing Advanced theater, and wood shop ( for R2 mostly ). This should keep my GPA at a 3.5 to a 4.0 and allow me time for all those other things.