Saturday, September 29, 2012

R2LA sept 29 2012!!!! MY FIRST!!!!!

WOW! What to say first..... Before I photo spam the hell out of this post I'll say a few word. Amazing people, a lot of things learned, got a lot of advice, saw a lot of awesome builds, and a had crap-load...yes a crap-load of fun! I spent a lot of time looking at other people's builds, asking questions, staring at droid AKA geeking out, and talking. I had a head cold and was just coming off it so talking was kind of hard during the morning when allergies usually act up ( why??!! ). I brought my light saber and after checking ( staring at it across the room to make sure it was fine for several minutes...ok more than that) on it went off the look at droids and props. I finally pulled myself away from the wondrous moving things....droids to stop my stomach from sending me angry messages of "feed me. you can look at droids later!". So onto the picture spam........( i don't know why blogger won't let me organize photos in a logical way so enjoy or endure the crazy arrangement )
Also my shoulder buttons arrived and I got a restraining bolt from someone who didn't want it I guess. Very nice of his, especially since it was free. Nothings free anymore but I guess this club doesn't think like that :) 
A blow up and r/c R2 toy, kids loved it

Senna and his Wall-E

Update of my light saber! It's spray painted and ready
Wall-E and a new friend 
Comm 8 frame ( not idea which version )
Ed's droid (think that his name) AMAZING FEATURES
a chicken making a appearance on.....chicken cam...?
Senna's "Course of the Force" droid
Another droid :)
Wall-E's cockroach friend

more droids in line to show off
Droid head...sorry...Dome is the official term
McMaster and his Wall-E

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