Thursday, September 27, 2012

Preview to R2LA ,my Light Saber, and more parts

>R2LA is happening in 2 days, expect a photo spam when I get around to posting
>My light saber has been bisk fired in the Kiln and since glaze firing takes longer my ceramics teacher is going to spray paint it. If I don't like it or want real glaze in the light saber he can fire it again and the paint will burn away.
> check was recieved for shoulder buttons by Marks47, should be here soon
> I'm coming off a head cold ( hello cold and allergy season! It's not so nice to see you )
> I may be coming into possession of a Radar Eye soon
> got permission to start senior project early.

Now....picture spam!!!!!!!

The light saber was too tall, originally, to fit onto the Kiln ( 17 inches ) so I made it in two parts. To save time and energy and use less material and stress less I got it back down to 9 inches or so. The dark pics ( to the left) are not fired and newly sculpted ( as of the day it was done 1-2 weeks ago ). Long one is the base and the short one goes on top. To the right are the two fired pieces. Since firing them takes a while ( a long time for the glaze fire ), to make them presentable for now, my ceramics teacher is going to epoxy them together and spray paint them. If I don't like the color or want real glaze after R2LA he will fire them again and the paint will burn off. One problem is they don't have silver glaze or grey so I might have to use a light Matt Blue or one layer or Black Gloss. The bottom half holds the piece of paper I used as reference (to the right ). The one next to that is the top piece.             

                     Here is the reference pic I used (ignore the dude holding the glow stick, dunno who he is :-P )

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