Thursday, August 23, 2012

Blueprints arrive!!!!

Short update: blueprints to full scale arrived from Oscar ( R4K5 guy ) for the center ankle. legs, and frame. Now I just wait for school to start and discuss if I can use the schools wood and/or tools to make these parts. I also need to alter my schedule to fit ceramics so I can make my light saber and possibly R2, for reference and because I want to :). Might have to start swim late because my ankle is acting up :( . Now I'm going to let them sit on my desk and feel like an important person like in those kids shows where the paper or map or whatever is comparable to gold.


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Lights! for under $2

 So I was walking around Walgreen's thinking about my build and waiting for a prescription when I walked past the back-to-school section. There they had mini light bulb flashlights that were in 3 colors; red, white, and blue. They were only $1.29 each ans I thought "I have my lights!" ( for the HP, and PSI's that is ). I tested them out and they are very bright.

White- HP
Red and blue- PSI

Unfortunately they don't flash or alternate but they will be easy to mount and leave on. Just lift the dome before hand and click them on.


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Starting a side project

While I'm waiting and saving for more parts and info on R2, I have a side project I will start in September when school starts. I've always wanted my own light saber so I decided I'll make one in ceramics. I had to drop the class a year ago second semester and want to finish the course, maybe get bumped up to Advanced Ceramics once I learn how to use the wheel. ( my teacher seems to think that I could go to advanced ceramics but since I don't know the wheel that would be impractical ). So I'm using a light saber I got from Disneyland for $14 as a mold/cast/something to shape it around.(the green one is again not my own, mine is Anakins, this is Luke's ROTJ ). Added one of those tubes they use for mini M&M's ( the short thin thing on top of the larger light saber toy, sorry about the lighting) and wrapped it all in masking tape so when I use this toy one again there isn't ceramic dust or glaze on it. Now I just wait. I don't think this project should take longer than 3 weeks because this year will be very light academically because I'll be college searching and visiting, working on R2 ( aka my senior project ), doing swim team, doing Advanced theater, and wood shop ( for R2 mostly ). This should keep my GPA at a 3.5 to a 4.0 and allow me time for all those other things.

Skirt Arrives!

So my styrene skirt arrived today, the lenses will come later. All I need now is some styrene glue and to clean off the black stuff from the pieces.( pics aren't mine because my computer is acting strange and won't save pics, no copyright or whatever infringement is intended )

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Skirt and Lenses coming soon

Short update, I ordered an A&A skirt and PSI lenses from the R7Dude. Should be here by Friday at least. Also someone on astromech offered to print the Senna wood frame prints and wood leg prints so I'll see if that works out. Full size prints, lenses, and a skirt! Not bad for such a busy summer :). Although the recent earthquakes are getting really annoying.