Sunday, February 22, 2015

Engineer’s Week Day 2

Today was the 2nd day of the weekend the builders were at the Discovery Cube. We again started at 11am and ended at 3pm. In attendance was Victor Franco, Ken Stubbert, Paul Thompson, William & Nikkie Miyamoto (with their kids Kayla and Zoe), myself, and Dan.

It was slower and more boring than yesterday, but someone managed to rip off R2's Radar Eye.

Group droid picture

We killed R2D2


Baby R2 Stroller

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Engineer’s Week at the Discovery Science Cube. Day 1 of the weekend.

Today was the first day of Engineer's Weekend (for us only). We started at 11am and ended at 3pm. In attendance was Victor Franco, Tom Piedmont, Roy Powers, John Boisvert, Thomas, Paul Thompson, William & Nikkie Miyamoto (with their kids Kayla and Zoe), and Dan Caulkins.I also brought my friend and her 2 yr old who helped with transport and droid protection.


The place was packed so we stuck to the table and caught up with everyone and their droids. My friend and her son 22month old, Wyatt, had fun with the legos. He was a bit scared of the droids at first, but warmed up to them later.

William and Nikkie brought their famous R2 Baby R/C Stroller and drove the Kayla, 4 yrs old, around the small area we had. Here is an older picture of her from WonderCon 2014 as Baby Predator. The crowd was so huge I couldn't get a good one today, maybe tomorrow.

Kayla and Will

Here is Wyatt in the stroller. At 4 yrs old, Kayla can still fit and is not too heavy. Wyatt is not even 2 yrs old and can safely fit. Since I knew them and he was small (and I asked because Wyatt kept saying "Up!"), he sat in the stroller for a minute. He was a little confused and getting scared, so he got out quickly, no drive.

Wyatt in the R2.
A funny thing was, we had a woman want her 10 yr old daughter to go inside. A big 10  YEAR OLD would BREAK the bottom and not even fit in. She came after my friend and yelled at her for it, then cussed out Nikkie. Some people need to grow up and think. She then asked why we brought them if they could be damaged. Wow! I'd have asked her why she was there seeing them if she didn't think they should be out, but she had already stormed off like a angry toddler.

Anyways, we got the theater for our presentation at 1:30pm and Victor took the lead.

Victor Franco presenting about the club


I got an ok picture of Kayla in the stroller later on. I'll try for a video or better picture tomorrow.

My R2 as of now.
Lens flair view of the audience.

The day ended with us keeping kids from ripping off parts and more pictures. Someone managed to pull the skins off my frame. This was something I was going to do anyway in preparation for putting the new legs on R2. R2 got safely strapped in and ready to go home to rest up for tomorrow.