Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Starting a side project

While I'm waiting and saving for more parts and info on R2, I have a side project I will start in September when school starts. I've always wanted my own light saber so I decided I'll make one in ceramics. I had to drop the class a year ago second semester and want to finish the course, maybe get bumped up to Advanced Ceramics once I learn how to use the wheel. ( my teacher seems to think that I could go to advanced ceramics but since I don't know the wheel that would be impractical ). So I'm using a light saber I got from Disneyland for $14 as a mold/cast/something to shape it around.(the green one is again not my own, mine is Anakins, this is Luke's ROTJ ). Added one of those tubes they use for mini M&M's ( the short thin thing on top of the larger light saber toy, sorry about the lighting) and wrapped it all in masking tape so when I use this toy one again there isn't ceramic dust or glaze on it. Now I just wait. I don't think this project should take longer than 3 weeks because this year will be very light academically because I'll be college searching and visiting, working on R2 ( aka my senior project ), doing swim team, doing Advanced theater, and wood shop ( for R2 mostly ). This should keep my GPA at a 3.5 to a 4.0 and allow me time for all those other things.

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