Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Taking R2 Apart Again. Droid Coins Arrive

I needed to take R2 apart again to work on some part separately in the future. So I took the legs off and the foot shells and motor holders off.

I ordered droid coins way back in 2013 from Mike Kurtz. Because of a lost email and address, I never heard back or got my coins until now. I was able to contact him over Facebook and the coins arrived 3 days later. I've been scammed on multiple online purchases and was afraid he wasn't legitimate. Fortunately, he is legitimate and the coins are pretty cool.


Thursday, February 13, 2014

A small update: Repairs, parts, and the new year

I haven't posted here in a long time mainly because of college. I have been buying parts here and there and planning out repairs for R2 when I have the time. Because of college, I may not do to many big things with R2 until the end of May but hope that I can at least get his leg fixed before April. I have some events coming up that will just require parts to be displayed or a static droid so R2 won't be sitting collecting dust.
If I do have any time during my week off in March  for spring break, R2 will definitely get some repairs on the right leg.

Battery boxes came from Jerry Martin and I got some more resin parts as a Secret Santa gift in December.

R2 fell in the car almost on the way to an event and now has a "broken" right leg I need to fix when I have time. I may need to make a new leg or buy a new set of them. You can see here, I think, that he is standing a bit crooked.

On a happier note, R2 enjoyed New Years and celebrated 2014 with a new glow in the dark white  tree of Gondor sweater.