Sunday, December 9, 2012

LEGS DONE, Frame is coming along

So I cut out all the pieces ( finished hollowing out the center layers ) of my Franco style wooden legs and have yet to glue them since I need to sand them. I'll be cutting them more when I work out all the wiring. I cut out the base layers of the frame and some of the slots. I test-fit the slots by taking a 1/2 piece of scrap wood and sliding it in since the pieces of the frame that you slide in are 1/2 thick. I have maybe 10-18 more slots depending on how many small frame pieces I have time for. I made 2-3 of the slots a bit big so I'll have to be careful next time and maybe use filler or extra glue on those.
Tip for newbies with a jig saw: Always triple check the slot size with the slot pieces, you want to cut the slots a bit smaller and then make them bigger if you need to. 
A bit Small=snug :)
Too Big = Loose and pieces falls out of place :(

Also learned how to straighten a slightly bent jig saw blade. Place the blade on a table on the side that's bent so that when you kneel down and look at it level with the table top you can see under the blade. Next take a hammer and tap the middle or bent area of the blade until it straightens out. The area on mine was the middle so it took a few minutes of light tapping with the hammer. It's faster than running around looking for that exact size ( came with the saw and was not labeled). If its really badly bent you obviously need a new one. I've already broken two blades.

19 more frame pieces to go. Shouldn't take long and I should be able to test fit soon.....

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