Saturday, June 29, 2013

Discovery Science Center, R2's First Real Event

I took R2 to the Discovery Science Center in Santa Ana in CA for his first real event. I got there around 11:30 and went to our spot with Victor and Rico and their droids. Victor brought his R2D2 and Rico his R2X7. This is the first day of a two day event. Around 1 Victor gave a presentation about the builders and around 3 (just in time for the next presentation) Mike Senna joined us with his Wall-E.

I had plenty of kids poking and hitting poor R2 but more being nice and taking pictures. R2's re-painted bottom ring started to smear and I found out why after some research. The temperature and humidity makes the drying time a few days. Hopefully tomorrow the bottom ring gets left alone so I don't have about a dozen more smears of blue to fix on the silver sections.

 As I was leaving a guy asked "How are you single with a robot?!"

I put candy out for the kids

My R2D2 and Rico's R2X7

How my R2 looks now after week of work

Wall-E brought back the crowd quickly

After Victor talked about the R2 Builders Mike talked about Wall-E

R2 was really tired...or to quote a little kid "R2D2 is broken!"

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