Saturday, June 15, 2013

Painted dome with good to mixed results

I got a chance to paint the blue section of my dome using gloss blue paint (hopefully this is a good color) I finished masking lats night. I also cut of some panels (space for HP's and lights) with a stencil burner. The holes have rough edges since I haven't got the steadiest hand and haven't use something like this before. Add a week of party planning/setting up stress and working at 10pm because I couldn't sleep and you've got grade b work. I'm going to sand the edges later or find my X-acto knife and slice the scrapy things off.

So far so good with color and panel accuracy. Rough edges not so much. Hopefully no paint seeped under the tape.

before it was painted
first layer
all painted. waiting 24hr to dry and 5-7 days to cure

little bubbles/dumpy things in the paint. 
Hopefully not dirt. Might have to sand and repaint

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