Monday, July 1, 2013

Mini Entry: R2's weight

Out of curiosity I weighed R2's batteries and motors today. Each 24 volt battery weighs 14.4 pounds and each motor weighs about 7 pounds (estimated). So R2's about 42 pounds worth of electronic-y stuff. Without those things he might be about 30-40 pounds so I'm guessing he weighs anywhere from 72-82 pounds. I think a good number to settle on for now is 78 pounds. He's really heavy with everything inside, heavy enough to give me shoulder and back pain from too much lifting.I bet he'll get heavier with a new dome and a dome drive.

On a side note I'll be posting about the second day of Discovery Center tomorrow afternoon. Our internet connection is having problems and I get enough connection to finish a post and then lose it because the internet cut before I could save it. 

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