Saturday, June 22, 2013

R2's First Blood was late (midnight) and I couldn't sleep and went to work in R2 since that tires me out. I was cutting styrene skins when the utility knife slipped and sliced me. I went to the doctor ASAP since its just kinda oozing blood not gushing or anything 911 worthy.

 Not too bad of a picture for any weak stomachs here. This was about 15min after the incident and ipod quality.

All bandaged up but as of now (19 hrs later) its oozing and scabbing.

The bleeding was good enough to get blood on R2, the carpet, my hall tile, the bathroom tile, the toilet, and me of course. Typing this was hard and painful. There are 3 drops on R2's leg and more drips on the skins. NEW SKINS! Thankfully those are the inner skins. I should be ok for next weekends event, R2's first real event since he starter looking like a droid.

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