Sunday, April 20, 2014

WonderCon 2014: Day 3

Today was the last day of WonderCon at the Anaheim Convention Center.There were about 7 droids today plus Pauls tread robot from "Empire". I was joined by Dan Johnson, Victor Franco, Chris Romine, Will Miyamoto and his family, Gene Arena, Russell R, and a few others. Victor Franco was bringing out his newly finished R4D5 when the U-bolt's nuts would not tighten. This meant the legs could not stay in place and R2 could only stand with support, no driving for him. At least we all got to see it in person.

Victors R4D5

Victors R4D5 dome plus a mess of tools

Victor supporting his R4D5

Gene Arena gets an interview

Pauls R2 wants a drink!

Chris Romine flipped off Wall-E, why not baby predator (Kayla Miyaoto). This was all organized by her mom, Nikki Miyamoto,and Chris showered her with wafer cookies later.

Baby predator needs her lollipop

Will Miyamoto and Kayla Miyamoto. Kayla/babypredator got to ride in her R2D2 stroller! She got quite a crowd!

Victor gets an interview

"Bith Happens"

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