Saturday, June 28, 2014

Discovery Science Center (Santa Ana, CA) 2014: Day 1

Today was my second time doing an R2 event at the Discovery Science Center. I was joined by Victor Franco, Roy Powers, Matthew Hendricks, and a few other builders. Victor gave two presentations (one of which I went on stage for) and the rest of us answered questions afterwords. I also saw the Mythbusters exhibit, it was small but they had lots of props. The day ended with a small dinner with Roy, Victor, and I. This event was from 12-4pm and I will probably go tomorrow with either the dome or the frame.

Victor does a presentation

Victor, Roy, and I on stage

Matt Hendricks, a DSC employee, and me on stage

Matt Hendricks and R2 go to the food court

My droid in it's current state minus electronics

Victor and his 2nd droid leaving

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