Friday, April 18, 2014

WonderCon 2014: DAY 1

Today was the first day of WonderCon where I had something close to a droid. I had the frame and dome out for display as the legs are needing work/replacing.
It was very crowded and lots of fun. I was joined by Victor Franco, Will Miyamoto, Chris Romine, Dan Johnson, Roy  Powers, Russell, Paul, and many more builders. I stayed from noon to 5:30 (not 7pm when the event ended) in the R2 Builders Club booth.

Almost all of the 12-14 droids we had today

My frame so far with skins

Mike Senna and Zoidberg

Roy Powers with his R2

Will Miyamoto's stroller droid with a minion

My styrene dome

Victor Franco (right) and Chris Romine (left) taking Victors R2 to the builders panel

Russell gets an interview!


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