Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Upgrade Begins: New Frame!!!

I was lucky enough to get a new frame from Thomas Clark and it arrived today! I knew I wouldn't have the new frame installed for R2LA 10 (YAY! IT'S FINALLY HERE!) this weekend due to college taking most of my time but I still did mark ups. I marked up the places to be cut on the "H" pieces and on the bottom ring where I would install the center ankle (see pics below text).
I'm not sure when I'll have time to pull out the jig saw and drill and go but it will be slower than last time.
I may or may not keep the "H" pieces I already have since they are strong and have things attached to them pretty good. I may just keep the new ones in case R2 takes another body slam.
I'm saving my energy for R2LA10 this Friday and Saturday and don't want R2 to be in around 3 pieces with less than a day to go. I may start cutting the new frame and gluing it but won't do any major surgery yet. R2's full system transplant will come soon enough...

The new frame still in the box

The pieces I have marked up, waiting to be cut.

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