Sunday, September 8, 2013

OC Public Library: Star Wars Day

Yesterday, I joined Victor Franco at the OC Public Library for their SW day.
I would call this R2's second outing but due to car troubles, only the dome and a few resin parts could make it. I also brought along my lush Vader and Yoda figures for decoration.

Victors R2 stood by
The event started off with Obi Shawn reading "Green Eggs and Ham" to the kids and their families.

Victor gave a small talk about The R2 Builders

Next, we had some Jedi knights visit and Vader (and some friends) crash the party.

Fortunately, the kids used The Force to help the Jedi fight off Vader. 
 Han Solo also made an appearance.

After this Victor had R2 pose for pictures and let some of the kids play with R2's sound.
 R2, Victor, and I made our way over to another part of the library to take picures with more people in SW costumes.

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