Monday, September 23, 2013


I actually had a droid to bring to the 10th R2LA. This is my second R2LA and met even more cool builders. I arrived at 10am to help set up and also put on the badge Damien makes for R2 Builders at the pre-R2LA10 dinner at Lamppost Pizza.

When I arrived, a morning chat was going on. McMaster was advertising a Kohls sale

The early bird droids

More people came and more droids. I hot glued my Radar Eye on the night before (so Will would stop the blind jokes :P) and it's holding so far.

Ed Perello's droid was as awesome as ever.

Nikki Miyamoto's Million Dollar Dome looks awesome

Mike and Amy Senna were gifted with a award from Damien for putting up with us crazies for years.

Group photo

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