Thursday, October 31, 2013

R2 Now Has Feet Shells!! He will be standing once more by tomorrow before Halloween night

R2 FINALLY let me put him shoes (foot shells) on. Grey because Rico gave them to me and his droid is black, I'll paint them soon. Big thanks to Rico for letting have these, they were cracked and broken in places but I fixed them up.
Still need to put on the center ankle one but that's easy. Waiting for the glue to dry isn't . Now all I need to do is put the shoulder disks back on with the pipes already attached and R2 will stand again after I put the center ankle back in. Then its just a matter of dropping in the nuts and bolts. Hot glued the small weak spots, works really well actually. The frame is all ready to have resin parts put in, shouldn't take more than an hour or so. Need to drill about 6 more holes for the pipes and center ankle bracket bolts and R2 will be event ready. I got some spray paint and will paint my resin parts before mounting them into the frame. Then putting the skins on. I've done way more in a day than that, this should take a few hours spread over 2-3 days at most. Also the foot shells seem to have closed in the channel on the ankle so R2's ankles don't wobble anymore. I had to remove and place Victor Franco's ankle blocks a bit higher and to the side because the extra centimeter made the legs not go down to the holes for the ankle bolts. R2 will be 95% complete (on details, no sound r/c or dome rotation) by Saturday!

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