Saturday, October 5, 2013

Frame Build Day with Victor Franco & Wiliam Miyamoto

I took R2's new frame, skins, and other things down to Victor Franco's place with Will Miyamoto (Darth Will) for some frame work. Will was going to glue up his 4th frame for The Million Dollar R2 Project and I was going to have more experienced builders help me glue up and test fit my frame. The old frame had some flaws that I didn't want popping up again so I let the experts teach me how to assemble a Senna wood frame perfectly.

Will began test fitting his frame once more before gluing his up. Meanwhile, Victor checked my center ankle measurements on the bottom ring and made a neater cut than I could do. He also got those nuts and bolts off the pipe and rails with the right sized sprocket wrench.

 Will came over to look at the cut and seemed to have found an amusing mistake. Since Victor had flipped over the bottom ring to mark his own measurements, the cut was facing the wrong way. The whole process had to be repeated. This won't negatively impact my frame, just look funny with a "t" shaped cut.

Will's frame seemed to fit together great, and after some sanding on tight slots, we helped him glue up the frame and put the skins on with straps. Will filmed this whole thing and may posy it on YouTube. I only did 2 pieces since Will was super fast and my old frame had really loose slots so putting in vertical ribs was easier. Will's was snug and looked great.

We did my frame next with a few dumps in the road. The slots were very tight and the vertical pieces too thick so I sanded them down with Victor and Will's help.

Next came the skins, my inner ones were in bad shape since I wasn't careful enough and tore some delicate edges. I had also made a huge crooked curved slice after the blade slipped and sliced me. I was too busy cleaning up blood and bandaging my finger to see how bad it was. Lesson learned. No cutting styrene at midnight when tired and unable to be careful.
 The outer skins are still good so we used them to test the frame's dry and glued up fit.

A successful build day!

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