Tuesday, May 21, 2013

R2 Drives

I went to Victor's for the 3rd time to finally get R2 moving.
We added some turn-buckles to the motor holders to keep the chains tight and the wheels away from the motors.

 photo from photo tutorial on AA motor holders.

We got R2 standing up and began working on the orangex remote control. Set it to airplane mode and tested servos to find out which channels ( forward/backward and left/right) were.

Started to test drive R2, he had a bit of a lean to the right. Victor did some "trimming' and R2 seemed to be going straighter. R2 till does lean a bit but I'll try to trim some more.

A short video of R2 driving around. VERY EXCITING!!! He's a bit wobbly but this was my first time driving him in good condition and I didn't want to dump my droid.

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