Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Parts and rails, almost got impaled

I've been busy lately and haven't been able to post much or add too many pictures. Here's the rundown....

- I got help from Victor Franco to put holes in pipes and in the rails. Also worked out some things about the center ankle over there

- Ordered a ton of parts and received 6/8. Still waiting on The HobbyKing (they're very bad with shipping and

- I put holes in (soft, according to Victor) rails to hold the center ankle. It took 15-20 min to drill onw hole with an old hand drill so if you have a drill press USE IT! YOU WILL SAVE YOURSELF SO MUCH BOREDOM AND PAIN

- Drilled holes for the rails and dropped 3/8 bolts in, used t-nuts to secure them

- Put caster on the center ankle caster holder

- Nearly impaled myself with a spade drill bit while drilling holes in the rail and having a half second loss of attention to my work. I was stupid and had on clothes with strings....that got caught and wrapped around the drill...along with my ear buds. It puled the drill within 4-6 inches of my chest. Needless to say I didn't touch the drill for a day or two after that

The wire up for R2 should take place on Saturday and/or Sunday. Build day is May 4th ( May the 4th be with you!) so expect some pictures and build updates

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