Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Wondercon 2013 (my first)

I went to Wondercon (my first convention for anything) Saturday and Sunday to do booth duty with the builders. Got to go around and look at booths but mostly stuck to R2 Builders booth to get pics. I got a chance to see what driving an R2 is like with Victor's droid. It was easier than I expected but still hard. I need to practice driving my own a good week or so before the senior project due date (my scooter motors coast to a stop according to some/many builders). The convention was a bit boring without having a droid to drive around but walking people react and seeing how happy they were was cool too. I might bring R2 to an old folks home, they might remember Star Wars best and probably will need cheering up. Visitor = day instantly made for elderly people.  Now...onto the pictures!
cutest empire vehicle...forgetting the name

bear dressed as a ewok

this girl (far right) lost it, she was so happy.

McMaster's Wall-E

R2 and a R2 jacket..AWESOME!

Victor's R2 needed to park and Wall-E was in the way. The crowd watched as Wall-E gave his parking spot to R2. I think Wall-E is taking this opportunity to learn how to drive R2 or himself, why else would he be staring down Victor's control box. 

Victor got an interview

this is actually how R2 runs, she drives him

R2, Wall-e, and Spiderman had a...disagreement

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