Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Painted center ankle, new pipes, eletronics

So I haven't posted too much, mainly because I've been working on R2 ( and doing homework, projects, a play in theater, and Wondercon). I painted the center ankle and will probably use blue acrylic paint to paint the small areas on R2's dome and some resin parts. Any aluminum color silver will work for R2's dome, so I have that on hand. I used 2-3 coats. It's a devil to get off your hands. By using soap, nail polish remover, and olive oil; I got it all off.

I also put my ABS skirt onto my frame. I used a sharper and longer nail to drill a hole for the small screws that I used. After two tries that yielded a crooked skirt I got it right.

A week or so ago I went with my mom to Home Depot and get some electronics and new pipes. The electrical pipe wouldn't fit into the gas pipe so we got 3/4' and 1' galvanized pipes plus flanges to match.

Some electronic related stuff...
-25ft 12-gauge wire
-30 amp circuit breaker
- 1 grounding bracket for power and ground signal distribution

haven't had time to take many pics so here's a what R2 looked like a few days ago....


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