Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Beginning my adventure

I've finally made a blog where I can share my " adventures " building robots, going places, seeing things, making my own R2D2, other projects, ideas, and events that come off that. Hopefully some curious kid or someone will see this and learn or just enjoy seeing stuff I make and become interested in robotics or science. I kind it kinda sad that all anyone wants is to sit in front of the TV and watch crap like Jersey Shore and Real Housewives of OC when they could be outside seeing the world or expanding their knowledge of something they find truly fascinating or find self-worth and drive in doing or building something they can look at and say " look what I've done with my life.". Most people now expect everything to be simple and fast and easy. They don't want to get up and hike to Vernal Falls in Yosemite or catch a 10 foot wave on their boogie board and while riding it wonder how they haven't died yet or go boogie boarding during rough surf and get cartwheeled with their board 3 times and stand up to realize their alive and feeling really dizzy and sick.

Like most Astromech builders I've decided to make my own blog. I've been a star wars fan for a while now and my favorite character is R2D2. Anything to do with R2 In interested in. So to start off I am going to order my wood frame soon and get working on some small details and draw out my plans because I need to wait for my next "paycheck" before I can get the big parts like the skirt and dome and whatnot. Quick thanks to Mike Senna, Justine Senna, Victor Franco, William Miyamoto, those who brought stuff to show off at R2 Builders Day on May 5th 2012 and anyone else on Astromech ( who answered my threads or made tutorials and whatnot )  or elsewhere who has given me advice and inspiration and a chance to do something bigger.


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